All about Pokemon Go Locations

If you have played previous version of Pokemon before then you are used to the fact that you can level up your Pokemon fast since everything about that game is about, well, leveling up. However, Pokemon Go doesn’t work that way which may stress you out. Here, it is more important to level up your own character since you are able to use more items and would also allow you to catch rare and powerful Pokemon. So how to level Pokemon GO trainer fast? Before anything else, here are a few old tricks that still work up to this day. Catch as many as you can, since you would be earning lots of XP that way. Aside from the experience points that you get from catching more Pokemon, you’ll also gain candies that you can use. Don’t forget to go to the gym to bale some of the best trainers in town.Look At pokemon go locations website to get more.

Now, it is time to know the new ways to level up faster on Pokemon Go. You need a lot of Pidgeys, but you can also collect Weedles and Rattatas if you want as that would also help you to level up faster. A lucky egg is the most valuable item you can have for leveling up your character since it doubles the point that you receive. Knowing this tips, you are good to go to gain more experience. As soon as you obtain plenty of Pidgeys, don’t forget to give them lots of candies because that would help the

Pokemon to level up faster. You can give them 12 candies to help them evolve, and you would receive 1000 XP for every evolution that you got. You do the math here and you would know that this would really help you to gain XP much faster. And once you are ready, use the lucky egg to get those XP doubling. When you evolve a dozen pidgeys at the same time, you would get the big jump in your level. The change in your level depends upon your current level. If you still have some time, then you should use it for catching more Pokemon. This is truly the best way to rank up your level as fast as you can. The tips shared here are proven and exclusive, so you just need to do it if you want to level up faster than most trainers. For sure, there are more tips out there, but for now, you can follow this method to level up your character.